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We’re on a mission.

Fluency’s mission is to transform the marketing landscape. We’re out to change the discussion that positions multicultural marketing as something that’s additive. Our idea is that an inclusive marketing approach is how you minimize marketing blind spots and effectively engage with all potential audiences.

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Focused on you.

It always helps to have a partner that puts your objectives first, understands your business and has the resources and foresight to solve your unique marketing challenges. Fluency’s solutions can be applied across the full range of integrated marketing platforms, then scaled, prioritized and sequenced as required. Together, we can do this.

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What we offer.

We build campaigns and outreach strategies from fact-based insights and our deep knowledge of diverse communities. As the definition of what it means to be diverse and what it means to be mainstream continually evolves, we ensure that every viable customer is engaged and results are measured to ensure your investment is sound.

Experiential Events

In person events? Yes, that still happens. But you need to have a unique and memorable experience. We’ve got tons of ideas!


Digital and Social We are strong believers in a robust approach using paid, earned and owned media to influence different audiences.


Creative Great creative is not as easy to come by as we may think. Our creative will move your targets into action.

Communications Planning

Once you know who you want to engage we will develop a plan on how and where to reach them.


Trust that we won’t recommend any idea without ensuring maximum impact. We are huge believers in test and learn – and we will be there every step of the way.

Cultural Insights

Cultural Insights As the market becomes increasingly more multiracial, it is vital to connect with different audiences effectively.

Let's Meet.

We are eager to meet you. We’re multicultural mavens who love to talk shop. Email us or call 401-642-0488 and we will get right back to you.