One-Size Doesn’t Fit All

Once we have established who we want to engage and how to reach them, we will develop a plan on what to say. After all, we only have a second to get our point across in a world where so many messages are coming at us. Fluency has experience with both internal communications plans and external market facing plans. Regardless of who the audience is, we will help you deliver an effective message that will influence and engage your audience.     

Internal communications is always a struggle at companies. Too many messages? Not enough messages? Over-reliance on email? Typically, organizations fail with their downstream messages. Not to worry, we can help.

The way you communicate to the C-Suite is different from rank and file. Too many times organizations have a one-size-fits-all communication strategy. We are strong believers in segmenting your employee base, figuring out what each of them care about and understanding how they want to be engaged. Not to mention intranet and emails are not working. Pulse surveys and real-time feedback on social media is working. If you want solutions that are out-of-the box and are going to stick, let’s talk. 

Ahhh… the ever-changing landscape of external communication vehicles. A one-size-fits-all content strategy is not going to work. Your messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. all need to be crafted differently. Your audiences are on different platforms for different reasons. Do we need to intercept their day with an unexpected message? Or perhaps we need to deliver thought provoking content? Whatever you are trying to solve for, the importance of a strong robust communication strategy can’t be overstated.