Digital Inclusion Recruiting Rapid Assessment

We’ll help you remove the uncertainty.

Inclusive recruiting isn’t easy. But we’ll help you make sense of it all. Gone are the days of diversity posting sites or career fairs. You need to reach diverse talent where they are and not where you want them to be.

The solution is simple: Fluency Advertising.

When you partner with us we’ll understand your unique hiring needs and develop a customized digital outreach strategy to engage your ideal candidate audiences. There is no fancy platform to purchase or enormous contract to sign. We make it cost-effective and easy for you.

Simply put, the majority of the work falls on us. 

  1. Define your optimal candidates
  2. Tell you where they are located
  3. Develop a digital strategy to reach them on the channels and platforms they engage with the most in today’s world (streaming audio, video, apps, and social media)
  4. Create content that is universal and appealing to diverse and inclusive candidates
  5. Track and optimize the campaign along the way to maximize your investment

You can’t rely only on job boards any longer.

Sure, those hefty contracts still need to be signed because they used to be the only game in town. But now you can reallocate some of that investment and test new solutions brought to you by Fluency Advertising.

The question of whether or not to contact us is clear… is what you’re doing today working to find diverse candidates?

Let's Meet.

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