Data Drives Our Decisions

Fluency partners with GVC, a leading inclusion business strategy firm. Together, their data and fact-based insights guide our decision-making process. As the market becomes increasingly more multicultural, it is vital to connect with different audiences effectively. How your audiences make decisions, what they care about, and how to position your messages to influence them is all things we think about. Luckily, Fluency can help you do just that. We believe this new mainstream provides a multitude of exciting multicultural marketing opportunities to drive business results. 

Our culturally competent expertise spans from race/ethnicity, LGBTQ, Veterans, Disabled, and Generational markets. We dig deep each day to uncover insights on different audiences. Through our diversity consulting and creative services, we can guide you in a more inclusive direction that will give you a better understanding of the new mainstream and make your marketing efforts more profitable. Usually national data is plentiful and if you have the budget to hire a big data research firm the more power to you. But we’ve developed a budget-friendly way to get at local data. Real data that is actionable for you, based on specific problems we are trying to solve for.     

Let's Meet.

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