How You Show Up Matters

Do you know how your employment brand is performing among vast candidate segments? Let us get to the heart of your unique differentiator as an employer, appealing to Gen-Z to disabled and everything in between. After all, you might have just one shot to make a lasting impression. 

The talent landscape is constantly changing… Injustice and inequalities are on the mind of candidates, changing how they and employees view the workplace. In exchange for their talent, people of diverse backgrounds expect employers to engage in equitable practices and assume a greater responsibility in building a better society. Gone are the days of just having to promote your benefits online. You need more to attract diverse candidates. Not only that, the fight for top talent is fierce. Let Fluency Advertising help you get at the heart of what makes you different. Together, let’s craft an employment brand that is inclusive and relevant.

It all comes together on your Career page. This is the hub, the front door into your company. Based on your budget and goals, we will figure out if you need a microsite that has all the bells and whistles. Or perhaps you just need help refreshing your ATS. Maybe your site is managed by your Marketing Department. Not to worry, we are great at collaborating. How you show up to the world and what you say about you as an employer has never been so important. Don’t miss out on top talent because they abandon your site before they even read the job description.