It’s no secret that we’re amid significant upheaval in the labor market due in part to the ongoing Great Resignation. But what you might not know is that someone’s likelihood to look for a new role is at least partially dependent on what their demographics are, with people of color and women being likelier than their counterparts to be headed for the exit.

How high are the numbers? According to survey data from Mercer, 35% of Black employees and 40% of Asian employees are considering leaving their jobs, versus only 26% of their white peers. Potential quit rates are high among women as well as revealed by data from Qualtrics. Among all women, 37% of middle managers and 42% of nonmanagerial employees are considering looking for new roles.

With quit rates as high as they are, especially among people of color and women, inaction on the part of organizations may very well mean missed diversity targets and a more homogenous workforce. And study after study has shown that more diverse organizations tend to be more innovative and successful.

Some red flags for diverse talent? A lack of diversity on interview panels for one, with 76% of diverse candidates having encountered it during job searches (Glassdoor). Additionally, 62% of diverse talent experience some form of bias or inequity in the hiring process, and 50% of them have seen job descriptions containing biased language (Mathison).

Further still, a company’s stance on DE&I generally can affect how they’re seen by diverse talent. While 81% of diverse job seekers believe it is important for companies to invest in DE&I, a measly 6% of them learn anything about their prospective employers’ DE&I efforts during the hiring process (Mathison).

Competition for talent is seemingly fiercer now than ever before, and in an increasingly diverse America it’s important to know how to reach and engage diverse candidates with relevant messaging targeted on the platforms they are most likely to engage with. Luckily there is a company out there that does just that! Hire Fluency today for a diversity digital recruiting strategy.

– Lynn Freshour, Research Director